Power & Duties

  • 1. Law Minister
  • 2. Principal Secretary and Legal Remembrancer
  • 3. Additional Secretary and Legal Remembrancer
  • 4. Deputy Secretary and Legal Remembrancer
  • 5. Under Secretary and Legal Remembrancer
  • 6. Section Officer
  • 7. Various Grade of the Assistant.
Powers and duties of the officials are as under:-
Law Minister:-

All administrative decisions are taken by the Law Minister except the work to be done as Legal Remembrancer. Appointment of the Government Pleader, Notaries and renewal of their term of service,withdrawal of Criminal Cases, Mercy Petition, Departmental Set up, Departmental Budget, work related to legislature and establishment of Courts is done after approval of the Law Minister.

Principal Secretary / Secretary:-

Principal Secretary/Secretary is Head of Department and Legal Remembrancer to the Government and Ex-officio Administrator General/Official Trustee and Proctor. All other officers and employees of the department works under his supervision and control.

Main work is as under:-

  • 1. Correspondence with the Central Government and other State Government in important matters.
  • 2. All matters in which opinion of the Advocate General is sought for.
  • 3. All matters in which orders of Minister/Chief Minister are necessary.
  • 4. Matters received for opinion from the Governor/Chancellor/Chief Minister and Chief Secretary.
  • 5. Constitutional matters/instruction.
  • 6. All matters received for opinion relating to legislature.
  • 7. All matters relating to examination and drafting of legal instruments.
  • 8. Important matters of establishment section, marked by Additional Secretary(Establishment).
  • 9. Important matters of Judicial Branch-I and II
  • 10. Any matter of the department which Principal Secretary /Secretary wants to examine himself.
  • 11. Inspection of work of all officers/employees of the department.
  • 12. Any other work relating to Law Department which is not allotted to other officer.
  • 13. All work relating to drafting, vetting and translation section.
  • 14. Matters of opinion received from all departments.
  • 15. All work relating to Library.
Additional Secretary:-

Additional Secretary is ex-officio Additional Legal Remembrancer to the State Government. Additional Secretary shall assist Legal Remembrancer as required by him.Additional Secretary(s) has to perform his duty(s) as per the distribution memo made by the Head of the Department.

Deputy Secretary:-

Deputy Secretary(s) shall assist Legal Remembrancer/Additional Secretary as required. Deputy Secretary(s) has to perform his duty(s) as per the Law Department Manual and distribution memo made by the Head of the Department.

Under Secretary:-

Under Secretary(s) shall assist Deputy Secretary(s) as required.Under Secretary(s) has to perform his duty(s) as per the Law Department Manual and distribution memo made by the Head of the Department.

Section Officer:-

Section Officer(s) shall assist Under Secretary(s) as required.Section Officer(s) has to perform his duty(s) as per the distribution memo made by the Head of the Department.

Various Grade of the Assistant:-

Basically they are dealing clerks who initiate proceeding in any case and submit it to the Section Officer concerned.

Other Important Information:-
  • 1. Advocate General is appointed by His Excellency the Governor under Article 165 of the Constitution.The Advocate General shall have to hold office during the pleasure of the Governor.
  • 2. At present in the office of Advocate General -1 post of Advocate General,2 post of Additional Advocate General,4 posts of Deputy Advocate General,11 post of Government Advocate and 7 posts of Deputy Government Advocate, as such total 25 posts are sanctioned.
  • 3. In the State of total Notaries of 600 posts, the appointment of Notaries, Notary Act, 1952 is under the Advocate for which the 07 years atleast of experience is required.Hon'ble Minister of Law on the approval of the appointment of the Notary Order is issued general Advocate for which the 10 years of experience in Law and Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes advocate of the 07 years necessary to Legal experience.
  • 4. Marriage officer appointment is under the Section 3 of Special Marriage Act, 1954 and the marriage certificate, Marriage Instituted is given Licensed to provide are necessary for which the approval of Hon'ble Minister of Law.
  • 5. For sanction of Prosecution the provisions under Section 195, 196 and 197 of the Code of Criminal Procedure,1973 and procedure provided under section 19 of the Prevention of Corruption Act,1988 is followed.
  • 6. For permission to withdrawal from prosecution the procedure given under Section 321 of Criminal Procedure Code is followed.
  • 7. For filing of appeal/revision, relevant provisions of Criminal Procedure Code, Evidence Act, Limitation Act, 1963 and provisions of the Constitution is followed.