Law Department Branch

The Law department consists of following Section (Branch) and work conducted in section (branch) is as stated below :-

Translation Section:-

This Section performs the work relating to translation (vetting) of draft from english to hindi. English draft of Acts/Ordinances/Rules/Regulations/Orders/Bye-laws/Notifications etc. is vetted by the drafting section after approval of duly vetted english draft a copy of the same is sent to the translation section for translating the draft in hindi.

Following are the list of Officers & Employees working in this section-
1Shri. T.C. TripathiDeputy Secretary
2Shri Anil SinhaUnder Secretary
3Shri Dilip Kumar SenAssistant Director (Translate)
4Ku. Jyoti PandeyChief Translator
5Shri Sanat Kumar DahariyaChief Translator
6Smt. Smita ShuklaTranslator
7Shri Bhagwat PrasadTranslator
8Shri R. K. SinghAssistant Grade-3