Law Department Branch

The Law department consists of following Section (Branch) and work conducted in section (branch) is as stated below :-

Establishment Section:-

This section keeps and maintain records relating to service of all officers and employees of the department, set -up of the posts, sanctioned and all work relating to establishment of the department.

Following are the list of Officers & Employees working in this section-
1Shri T.C. TripathiDeputy Secretary
2Shri K. L. BagdeUnder Secretary
3Shri Nandan Singh BishtSection Officer
4Shri Santosh KarsalAssistant Grade-2
5Shri Santosh NishadAssistant Grade-2
6Shri Sanchay SwamiAssistant Grade-2
7Shri Bhupendra KewatAssistant Grade-2