Law Department Branch

The Law department consists of following Section (Branch) and work conducted in section (branch) is as stated below :-

Budget Section:-

Budget Estimates, Revised Estimates and Final Estimates of expenditures.

Demands for Grant, Annual Reports. Co-ordination in respect of Appropriation,

Accounts for grantsrelating to High Court, State Legal Services Authority and Arbitration Tribunal is done by this section. Statutory audit and internal audit and inspection of accounts.Scrutiny of all proposals for Creation of new posts and continuance of existing posts is also done by this section

Following are the list of Officers & Employees working in this section-
1Shri. K. D. JhariyaSenior Account Officer
2Shri O. P. SitokeUnder Secretary
3Shri Vijay SurjuseAssistant Grade I
4Shri Avinash KujurAssistant Grade-2
5Shri Rupesh Kumar DhruwAssistant Grade-2
6Smt. Rajni SoniAssistant Grade-2
7Shri V. N. SwarnkarAssistant Grade-3