High Court & Other Institution Under the Administrative Control of Law Department

Headwise Budget Allotment & Expenses

Demand No.No. of PlanName of Plan2016-17 Alloted Budget (Rs. In thousand)2016-17 Expense (Rs. In thousand)2017-18 Alloted Budget (Rs. In thousand)
29573   High Court (Charged)513623370286599600
299056   Arbitration Tribunal199851036920275
    Total 533608380655619875
291912   Dand Nyayalaya73006617300
292015   Election Officer423040354292464710
292410   Nirvah Patr Tamil Sthapna176326101234169790
292918   Grant for Library to Baar Association18000459315000
293255   Establishment Grant, SLSA (Plan)500005000
293255   Social Security and Welfare15464097253192120
293428   Advocate General9330080992121740
293572   Mofusil Establishment922786967093570
294059   ADR Center (Construction)2250806855220000
294497   General Establishment170254511768971694904
295416   Family Court182045102604179142
295421   Chhattisgarh State Judicial Academy (Construction)500005000050000
295421   Chhattisgarh State Judicial Academy817623697253760
295464   Establishment of National Law School in State (Moot Court)1000040000
295464   Establishment of National Law School in State (Construction)130000080000
295464   Establishment of National Law School in State400001600050000
297256   Computerization of Courts627002940294000
297502   Establishment of C.B.I. Court794635267640
297798   Commercial Court15000561516502
298998   Indian Law Insititue100001000
299057   Law and Legislative Affairs886725653487470
415136   Grant to State Legal Service Authority (Plan)700007000
645136   Grant to State Legal Service Authority (Plan)300003000
645171   Establishment of Special Court (Plan)678603334763580
    Total 364449422304473677228
    Grand Total 417810226111024297103